About Fiolas

Fulya Gündoğdu is founder of Fiolas. Her deep passion into fragrances has become intensified in the last 3 years. With her in-depth research and reviews on the beautiful scents and fragrances under the motto “organic based home cosmetics”, her passion dragged her into Fiolas which takes its inspiration from the nature itself and the purest notes of music.

Organic and non-allergenic raw essences purchasing from France and Spain, countries of scents for world’s well-known scent businesses, and then are being processed with 100% natural alcohol and being served eco-friendly with its handmade glass packages to our customers.

From production to representation, as a craftsman Fiolas is in every process of the business. While with the beautiful notes in its collection, it adds different characters to every room of your home, Fiolas with its well-equipped substructure also provides scenting services for different areas such as offices, shops, hotels and restaurants.