About Fiolas

As Fiolas, we continue this adventure with the same excitement and passion, which we have started since 2012, with the superior and intense effort of our Dear Founding President and General Manager Fulya Gündoğdu. Our company, which grows day by day, is taking firm steps towards its deserved position by working with the pioneers of the sector. Established with 100% Turkish capital, our company competes with the giants in the global market. In addition, we are working on the scenting of the spaces with corporate fragrance. 3. We have undertaken the odorization of the airport. Today, we export to more than 20 countries, especially to Europe and the Middle East.

At ITB Berlin Tourism Fair 2019, we promoted our company to our potential customers and partners abroad in the best possible way and accelerated our export foot.
Our main mission is; Our company, which continues to contribute to our country with 100% domestic capital; To make it our national pride by making it compete with other foreign giants in the sector.

We offer our products with natural content to our customers with our working principles that attach such importance to human values. These sensitivities bring along humanitarian responsibility projects. Human; Protecting human nature, that is, nature, is among our main missions.

As a vision; By following the latest innovative trends in the European and American market, we are always able to stay up to date and make our products strong enough to compete in these markets.