Acceptance of Life

Have you ever paid attention to the messages that words convey to you? Understanding the meanings of the words we frequently use may prevent us from using them. What do you imagine when you think of the word tolerance?

It claims that tolerance is approaching something with understanding even if it goes against your own beliefs. So, when performing this, where should we look? We have built a relationship between the superior and the superior if we approach him from the standpoint of realizing that it does not benefit us to operate in this way or that the other party is less skilled than we are.

Knowing that the other person lives his or her own way and is on their own road of experience, as well as the fact that I am also a human being and that we learn about life through experience, as well as when we look at it without any true grandiosity, we can identify the meaning of tolerance.

When we approach with this level of awareness and this viewpoint, which also includes acceptance, there is a mutually beneficial scenario and we offer assistance that accepts our social relationships as they are and does not condemn them, as a result of which our levels of rage and stress are decreased.

In the present world, it is rather typical to be enraged by individuals who are different from ourselves, to observe them from a distance, and to accept their way of life. Does that make us happy in the end, then?

On November 16, World Tolerance Day, it is important to remember that living with respect for all life forms is the key to seeing life as full of happiness and gratitude. It is also important to remember that learning that life is a unique journey tailored for each individual cannot be accomplished without making mistakes. Tolerance for all life is all that is required!