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Do you believe in the power of scents?

Do you believe in the power of scents? Because today, we are going to introduce you to the miracle of scents that match different memories with 5 million receptors in your nose, right next to you… Phenomenal science says that if a person smells floral and vanilla scents before going to sleep, people will have more positive dreams. What if we introduce you to our loving scented candle, which will make your dreams come true even when you are awake during the daytime with its magical harmony? Of course, Love Symphony is not only our feel-good, energetic scent… How about not only discovering vast places from where you are with vanilla notes that stimulate the senses, but also making your partner feel this adventurous discovery with the magic of the scent? We know that our “Love Symphony” scented candle will be your most romantic assistant in that magnificent evening where you will re-discover the thousand and one colors of love with this scent. As the Fiolas family, we became intoxicated with love while creating the “Love Symphony” with our non-allergenic, environmentally friendly and permanent raw essences, which we brought by taking a special trip from France, the center of love, to Turkey, and we are inspired by the irresistible power of love ever since. It’s time to surprise with this very special gift and grab a big hug! With their handmade, stylish glass packaging, every product within Fiolas will bring the intense energy of love and affection right up to you. ❤ ✨ PS: You’re still not looking for a special gift for February 14, are you? Yours, Love Symphony, Fiolas