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Effects of Lavender in Our Lives

The positive effects of lavender scent on human psychology are undeniable. When we breathe in the scent of lavender when we are stressed and tired, we slow down the hormones that cause tension and feel relaxed. It is rumored that those who have the scent of lavender in their home and breathe this scent constantly stay more vigorous and young. Lavender blocks the fluctuations in our spirit. If we intend to heal the world, we must first begin by improving ourselves and our living spaces. Cleanse the negative energy in your homes, you will see that it will be good for your soul. Negative energies are usually stored in dusty places. A stagnant energy occurs under the beds, inside the cupboards, and in the parts where light does not enter. Various techniques have been developed in Anatolia for centuries to clear this negative energy. The most well-known of these is to burn sage and circulate it around the house. The other is the houses that are cleaned with lavender scents. Lavender allows you to sleep comfortably at night. It immerses you in dreams that will be good for you. When you wake up in the morning in the lavender-smelling room, you feel much more vigorous than before.