Excitement Over Christmas Presents is Another

A new transformation, fresh warm-hearted dreams, presents that show our loved ones how much we truly understand them, and thoughtfully set Christmas dinners… Let’s choose our gifts together while surrounded by the cozy hues of the New Year, and let our homes reflect the spirit of the occasion!

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Zoe velvet pieces, which are made from English velvet that is soft on your skin and meets with remarkable designs, go with your elegance as you ring in the new year.

Combining the four Zoe designs, which come in the well-balanced colors of burgundy and navy blue, will result in a striking look. Choose the nobility of burgundy and navy blue as a single hue in dresses and suits to command attention with an authoritative appearance! Your close friends who wish to stand out on New Year’s Eve will find Zoe designs to be an eye-catching present option as well.


Fiolas takes its place as a distinctive gift option with its customized boxes thanks to the harmony of its fragrances combined with the rich touch of velvet.

Using New Year Dream, New Year Harmony, and New Year Magic, you may transform the mystical power of scents and the energy of your living spaces. New Year Dream lets you feel the warmth of love with its spicy, soft, alluring, and calming scent, velvety fruit notes that will touch your soul, and New Year Magic has the vibrancy of cinnamon & black pepper.


The Signature Collection’s unique handcrafted bottle designs, which are reinterpreted from the La Belle Epoque era’s inspiration, provide a particular touch of the past to the present:

Vintage Lovers

Women have always been the forerunners of revolutionary freeing movements because of their ability to express their inner power to the outside world. By motivating one another, we are reborn into our capacity for self-realization. The most unique pieces of life celebration for life lovers can be found in Vintage Lovers.

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