Fiolas Apparel Collection The Joy Of Life

At Fiolas, sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of the brand. Fiolas is deeply committed to its partnerships with independent artisans in Turkey, promoting sustainable fashion while preserving traditional heritage techniques and leading the way with its handmade printed designs. One-of-a-kind designs are made by hand in Turkey, where our partners adhere to strict ethical standards and pay fair wages. Each Fiolas design is made with integrity and is intended to be kept alive for generations.


FIOLAS greets the Summer of 2022 with its textile collection Joy of Life! Designed in line with the Fiolas brand, Joy of Life is vibrant, natural, energetic, colorful, young and modern.


Produced with the feelings of celebrating and enjoying life, the Joy of Life collection prepares us all for a unique summer by multiplying the pleasure we will get from this summer with different colors and patterns.

The adventure, which started with two different patterns, was designed with a holistic approach by turning its gaze to nature. Holistic skin care products are based on medicinal plants, while floral and sky patterns are reflected in the new textile collection.

Natural fiber viscose and linen fabrics are combined with natural colors to reflect connotations of lightness and happiness every time they are worn. The collection, which includes maxi dresses, skirts with deep slits, mini shorts, jumpsuits and pure linen suits, also includes beach products such as swimsuits, bikinis, kimonos and pareos that match these patterns.