Fragrances That Leave Traces

Sometimes when we enter a store, we are overcome by its smell. It happens that when we visit a friend, we instantly inquire about the source of the perfume because we want to purchase it for ourselves. Its aromas have a calming impact that permeates practically every part of our existence. Research over time has revealed that synthetic fragrances have a negative impact on humans much like synthetic items do. Let’s examine the negative effects of synthetic items in more detail.

Since ancient times, synthetic fragrances have been employed. The scents produced by nanotechnological processes have a significant negative impact on human health, despite the fact that we see this as a benefit. Would you still believe what you do if we told you that the concentration of chemicals in perfumes and other scented products is the same as that of cigarette smoke? We now understand that synthetic pheromones and 95% petroleum are utilized in the manufacture of perfumes. Leading the way in this regard are the nations of Europe. Fragrance-free rooms began to make strides toward establishing a perfume-free environment after smoking-free zones.



Synthetic scents contain chemicals that lower sperm quality, increase the chance of infertility, and raise the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Unfortunately, these substances are present in our bodies, as shown by the findings of an experiment done with samples that were chosen at random. The fact that these compounds are present at birth in infants who have not yet been exposed to synthetic perfumes is even more alarming. When we smell these substances, there is no danger. The effects are persistent and accumulative. Within 30 minutes of exposure, it is totally absorbed and combines with the blood.


Creating beautiful and fragrant living places is our first priority. But is the cost truly justified?

The air fresheners on the furnishings in the house remain there for a very long period. Furthermore, it is received directly by anyone who comes into contact with that point. Due to the rise in asthma and allergy cases brought on by environmental pollution and our way of life, it is crucial that those who suffer from asthma and allergies as well as everyone else who cares about their health understand the dangers posed by invisible substances and take action to protect themselves. These compounds are ingested by youngsters, particularly those who are crawling or playing on the floor, when they put their hands in their mouths. Because of this, organic and natural cosmetic goods reached the market with the knowledge that synthetic perfumes include hazardous ingredients.

Fiolas Room Sprays employ a microcapsule technology. The mechanism that contains the odor captures and eliminates the offensive odor molecules. The molecules trapped in a foul odor when sprayed on the ground or in the air explode upon contact, and since the foul odor is destroyed, the naturally occurring essential aroma of which the allergens have been removed starts to spread. It comprises sugar cane-produced alcohol.


As old as human history, the usage of aromatherapy oils also provides insight into the present. Even though it does no harm, it also has advantages and has a pleasant smell. It eases stress, makes skin and hair shine, benefits the respiratory system, and also uplifts the mood.


The Fiolas Fragrance Family makes it easy to enjoy the captivating effects of perfumes while staying safe. We have chosen for you lovely scents that are good for your health. All you’ll be able to focus on is making a decision.