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More Tender Than Egg Membrane!

The skin around the eyes is considerably more prone to dryness because it is thinner (0.6 mm) and has fewer sweat and sebaceous glands than the rest of the face. The skin’s self-defense barrier is scarce, especially beyond the age of 20, and this is where we can see it the most plainly. It also exhibits this sensitivity to chemicals and sunlight, and with poor care, its skin can readily thin out. By simply touching it, we can tell the difference.

Intense moisture support is required for this skin’s thinness and severe susceptibility to drying. Let’s discuss the minor adjustments we can make to make the care we provide more lasting and beneficial overall.


Always Start With Water!

Our bodies are given a great deal of ease in dealing with all ailments when we adjust our water intake habits. We would like to note out at this point that our cells require water in order to function. We must be careful to drink a minimum of 3 liters of water each day while increasing our water consumption, especially in the summer months, in order for our body to demonstrate its innate immunity.

Getting Enough Sleep

We are aware that not getting enough sleep is bad. According to recent study, both under- and oversleeping have negative health effects. Sleeping at the proper intervals is just as crucial as getting an entire hour of sleep. Our bodies receive the early morning sunlight through our eyes, signaling the start of a new day, while our metabolism, which begins to function, sets the stage for restful sleep.


Nine PM: No Blue Screen

We need to discuss the hours when we are exposed to blue light, which is an essential component of our lives, when we are talking about sleep. We take a break from our blue screens at 23:00 until after 21:00 the following day for the biggest advocate of sound sleep and melatonin production. We are aware that the way of life in the new age forbids us from doing this. Seeing the results of your improved appearance after a few nights of consistent time adjustments will motivate you to continue making changes until you get your optimum sleep.


What We Eat Is Our Most Effective Weapon

Yes, it’s possible that you’re experiencing problems connecting. Consider it in this manner. For a few days, eating foods high in saturated fat causes variations in brain function, physical weakness, acne, and skin rashes. This kind of diet brings on fine lines, wrinkles, and early aging symptoms around the eyes. Giving our bodies nutritional assistance that is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals helps our bodies fight against all of these symptoms.


Now: Reviving Eye Cream Intensive Moisture

Reviving Eye Cream Intensive Moisture, which Fiolas formulates for our most delicate area, improves the skin barrier and reduces wrinkles as a result of the natural oils it contains. It lightens skin tone and lessens dark circles. While aiding in the battle against free radicals, it also offers the additional moisture required. The Fiolas Reviving Eye Cream stimulates blood flow and replenishes vitality.


Let’s Not Forget About These Either!

– Reducing salt intake is a successful way to stop the body from retaining water.

– Remember to be very delicate as you wipe off your eye makeup, starting from the bottom up.

–Using a high pillow to keep your head erect will help to prevent fluid buildup while you’re being held. Applying cold compresses might become part of your regular routine to reduce edema.

– Choose a silk or satin pillowcase that won’t cause wrinkles on your face, and switch it out frequently.

– Don’t forget to support sun protection with Sun Protect Face & Body as well!