How Optimistic Are We About Life?

How can we live our lives with higher quality, more satisfying, and where we have complete control over our decisions and can fully savor each moment with the knowledge that we only get one chance to live? This inquiry takes a different approach to the way of life of humanity, which has long been conditioned to only seek 25% of what they have. Balance is the key, as shown by the holistic complementarity of the body, mind, and spirit. To alter the course of our life for the better, let’s search for solutions together!

What Is It About Us That Really Indignant?

Have you noticed the bothersome mental patterns? What circumstances do you believe your mind causes you to panic by repeatedly generating the same responses? Naturally, to keep you safe! Our fundamental ideas, which we developed throughout our formative years, when we soaked up like sponges the actions and words of people who cared for us, are still relevant today and cause us stress. It is crucial for those of us living in the new age to practice learning how to change the unhelpful generalizations we inherited from our predecessors.

Shall We Travel Back In Time to the Present?

Consider traveling through your own past by putting yourself in a time capsule. Look back on your recollections as much as you can to see how you felt, what ideas came to mind, and perhaps what beliefs you developed that day still influence your life today. You can get some insight into an issue in your bilateral relationships now from a friend you were offended with when you were 5 years old. Do you worry about people who make decisions for you when they’re still too young to do so? It’s never too late to create a life that will allow you to say, “If I come to life again, I will live this life,” by knowing yourself and making decisions that are in your best interests. This metamorphosis can start whenever you decide to do so. We believe it will be beneficial for you on September 13, which is World Positive Thinking Day. We want to discuss about dependable friends.

  • Our Bodies Are Not Our Enemies!

There are positive and negative aspects to every age, of course. Starting with what doesn’t help us anymore, we can keep doing what’s healthy for us while reforming the rest. No living creature makes claims that would categorize other living things into a single category when we observe nature. In order to acquire fashionable size clothing and fit into it, we complicate ourselves in an effort to fit the beauty into a single body pattern. We are constantly fighting for nutrients while following unhealthful diets. We believe it is equally vital to enjoy the food you want while eating the food you want at a table where you will create new memories with your loved ones as it is to consume healthy meals for the functioning of a healthy body. The most crucial first step in anything is to maintain our body’s activity, make it operate, develop a positive relationship with food, and incorporate a balanced diet into our daily routines. The second brain, as we now know, is the gut. Living with a clean gut will assist in controlling our mood swings for the wellbeing of all of our hormones and microbiota. (*Please don’t forget to  consult a Nutritionist)

2) A Fulfilling Social Context

Our sense of belonging is satisfied and is a major contributor to our ability to live peacefully when we are surrounded by people who, even if they don’t share our ideals, can respect each other’s reality with understanding, support us positively, and who’s very existence means a lot to us.

3)An Extraordinary Life
Eudaimonia opens the door to a fulfilling life for us with happiness. It is motivated by the adage that everything in nature exists for someone else and produces something beneficial for the society we live with. Instead of moving in the direction of what is ideal and fashionable, working in a field that we are curious about by knowing ourselves makes us happier and more effective in our working life with a real motivation.

4)Stress: When Handled Properly, It Can Be Beneficial!

In our previous article, we discussed how stress develops. Those who are interested can contact us through our article, “One Step Towards Yourself.” All diseases are attracted to our bodies by the long-term chronic stress we encounter. We must teach ourselves to deal with the pressure of being unable to chose clothes or a friend being late for a meeting without reacting as if a lion were attacking. Here, we’d like to discuss meditation’s straightforward but powerful purpose. (Our post titled “One Step Toward Yourself” contains information about Zazen Meditation, which we highly recommend for you.) According to studies, frequent meditation is crucial for creating brain connections that are different from the ones we are accustomed to. Watching your thought and behavior patterns change over time as you begin to observe yourself and grow accustomed to them will help you find the power you require to steer your life in the desired direction. We are happy to provide you with new opportunities to enhance your life while giving you safe and wholesome options. The biggest source of motivation for Fiolas is seeing you radiate beauty from the inside out. (*We have shared all of the stuff we have mentioned with you in the hopes that they may be helpful; if you find yourself in a complicated situation that is taking up a lot of your time, don’t forget to contact a licensed health counselor!)