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How Should the Room Fragrance Selection Be?

Are you looking for an answer to the question of how to choose a room fragrance? If your answer is yes, you are at the right address.

For many homeowners, it’s not just enough for their home to be sparkling clean, it should also smell good. One of the best ways to eliminate foreign odors and personalize your home is to use different aromas in each of the rooms where family members are more intertwined, such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Each room should be decided on, taking into account factors such as the size of the room, the light entering, and the furnishings to find the most suitable scent.

Finding the right scent is important. Because for a room where people spend time to relax, choosing the wrong scent can have the opposite effect and inadvertently create an environment that will keep them alert and distracted.

Room fragrances have been proven to reduce stress, reduce the likelihood of depression, and ward off other negative emotions, so by choosing the right scent for each room, you can positively improve the mood of your occupants and guests.

Things to Consider in Choosing Room Fragrance

Peace and Tranquility

When choosing a room fragrance, being in a peaceful and calm mood can help you a lot. Otherwise, the decisions you will make while testing different flavors may not be very accurate. The most popular scents that stimulate and strengthen the sense of calmness are those with bergamot, frankincense, lavender and patchouli.


If you are choosing a scent for rooms where you believe people should feel more alive and active, you should use fresh scents such as lemon and orange.


Gardenia, jasmine and sandalwood scents have an aphrodisiac effect and can stimulate romantic feelings. We think you’ve guessed which room we recommend.

Children’s room

Use scents that bring happiness to people of all ages, such as grapefruit, apple, lemon, for the nursery. Before making such interventions in your child’s private area, do not forget to ask him for permission.

Intimate Fragrances

You can create a more intimate and warm environment by choosing natural pine and musk aromas for rooms where you spend time with your family and guests, such as the living room and living room.


You can easily make the scents and even scented candles and natural oils we have suggested for you above by reading our article titled “6 ways to make your home smell fresh and good”. The scents you will prepare will not only improve your mood, but will also color the decoration of your home with their pleasant appearance.