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Identify Your Signature Fragrance

Hello, the biggest signature of an individual is the scent that is remembered. Because; you may forget an individual’s voice first, then their face, and finally their name. But never smell! If you smell the same smell years later, it will remind you of that person, that place, that moment. It takes you and carries you to that moment.

For these reasons, choosing a perfume is very important. Integrating it with ourselves and creating our signature scent will make sure our place in the memories. It can be for one person, it can be for thousands of people…

Discover your own scent with a clear purpose. So how should one proceed for this? Of course, I will give you tips, I will share.

First of all, when you go perfume shopping, choose the noon time of the day. The environment will be calm both because your nose is hungry for new smells and because of the individuals who evaluate the meal time.

When you go to discover perfume, go by knowing yourself. Who are you? How do you feed? But do you have dry or oily skin? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions now.

First of all, who are you? Let’s look at him;

If we consider women;

  • If you are positioning yourself in a stylish and sophisticated personality, prefer woody notes.
  • If a mysterious air is blowing around you, chypre notes are for you, ladies.
  • If there is a strong and sensual woman in front of you when you look in the mirror, amber and oriental notes are prepared for you.
  • If your character has a taste for romantic comedy, he should suffocate you with flowers. Floral notes are just for you.
  • If you’re shy but subtly showing your sexy, I say combine floral notes with woody notes.
  • If you are sporty and active, you can go to citrus notes by running without stopping.
  • When it comes to elegance, if you want to reveal the 50’s woman in you, combine with oriental notes.

If we consider men;

  • Sophisticated and modern gentlemen should definitely choose fresh and sharp floral notes.
  • Athletic, but also fun ones, woody notes combined with water notes are perfect.
  • Our children, who are strong but also sensitive and cannot grow up, should prefer leather notes.

By now you know who you are in general terms. At least if you’ve decided what you want to be, there are a few more details we need to look at before we turn to that kind of fragrance.

Take a look at your diet;

  • If you have a balanced diet, that is, if the meat and vegetables you consume are in equal proportions, you can easily choose woody, floral and citrus notes.
  • If you eat meat and spices, oriental, chypre and amber notes should be your first choice.
  • If you are on a vegetable-based diet, floral and citrus scents are just for you.

After determining these, it is much more important to know our body. Is it oily? Is it dry? We need to look at what type of skin we have;

  • If you have oily skin, the scent will be trapped in your skin and its permanence will increase.
  • If you have dry skin, you should use a cream that matches your perfume and use your perfume on it.

These are important factors in choosing a scent and creating your signature scent. Each fragrance is personal and smells different. The fact that you like and buy scents on different skin tones does not guarantee that the scent will have the same effect on you.

The smell that comes to your nose when you first spray the perfume will disappear after 15 minutes. A perfume that reveals its true smell and character after 15 minutes. It actually creates a new fragrance by combining with the skin of each perfume wearer. For this reason, we should try the perfume we have chosen by applying it to our skin all day.

Take deep breaths to freshen and renew your nose, coffee doesn’t work, I tell you.

One of the other elements you should pay attention to is the bottle writings;

  • In the intense and permanent ones; Eau de Parfume and Eau de Perfume,
  • In the balanced ones; He writes Eau de Toilette.

In addition to these, let’s give some examples of the notes we mentioned for you.

  • Flower: Not very persistent. It is fresh and cool. Magnolia, lavender, rose, orchid, lily, orange, lemon and jasmine are the most used extracts.
  • Citrus: Fresh and light. The dominant notes are bergamot, lemon, mandarin orange, grapefruit, orange blossom and spices.
  • Chypre: Permanence is high. Base notes of wood, moss, musk and patchouli. These combine with flowers and citrus.
  • Amber: Obtained from the beaching of whale droppings, amber is heavy and persistent. Today, it is produced in artificial environments.
  • Oriental: Exotic. Contains notes of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel. These notes are combined with spices.

Considering all that we have said, you can choose your own signature fragrance, your perfume. Of course, if you have to choose a brand’s perfume, I recommend you to put yourself and your brand in the safe hands of Fiolas.

You may have heard of our throne in the market by creating the corporate scent of many different and global brands and identifying it with their owners.