It’s Fiolas Time!

Autumn from the seasons! As the weather starts to get colder and the temperature balances are upset in the autumn months, there is another point that we cannot intervene besides the changing human psychology. Our skin, which resists change and is caught unprepared.. In the period from autumn to winter, our skin will demand more oil and moisture than ever before. While doing this, turning to natural sunflower oil will increase the PH value of the skin, and will allow you to have a silky and bright skin like in summer. The fact that our Fiolas kindling candles are allergen-free and made from 100% sunflower oil can be used as a cream when melted, and will be your indispensable hand and body care cream in winter. We combined the natural, nourishing and restorative properties of sunflower butter with the calming essence of our candles with the soothing sound of wood &wick kindling. Your skin, which will dry out with the relaxing and therapeutic effect of aroma therapy, will be saturated with moisture in the winter months and you will have a smooth skin. Allergen-free Fiolas Cream Candle will be the indispensable product of autumn and winter months.