Mom, Why Do Pimples Exist?

You will build life from your own window, young ladies and gentlemen, so welcome. Since you’re beginning to view everything you’ve ever known with fresh eyes, we understand that this is a confusing time for you. We want to remind you that, particularly during this time when your hormone balance is changing, it’s common to experience enlarged pores and acne due to the increased production of sebum on your skin. With the correct skin care regimen, you can both manage these issues and create the foundation for long-term healthy and beautiful skin. Choosing the right products is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy body chemistry at this time when your body is growing the quickest. In addition to describing which product should be used, when, and how, we have included a few easy maintenance hints for you. Join me as we travel the path to beautiful skin.

1) The First and Most Crucial Step Is Cleaning!

Sebum production in the skin rises with puberty, as we already noted. So what is sebum? Sebum, an element of oil structure that permits oil to be secreted from oil channels, has the primary function of protecting your skin. It benefits the skin by passing through the pores and hair follicles to the skin in regular functioning and quantity. However, if sebum cannot exit the pores and hair root, it can build up and, when bacteria begin to proliferate, result in the development of acne. The best times to wash your face are right after you wake up from sleep to remove any sebum buildup from the previous night and right before you go to bed to clear your skin of the day’s environmental toxins. The first step is to carefully remove any excess sebum using circular motions and a gentle washing agent. Your closest companion on this journey will be Happy Mood Face Cleanser thanks to its lovely scent.

2) Masks In, Damaged Cells Out

It is crucial to gently remove any dead skin during this time because your skin is more sensitive and needs this extra care to benefit from other skin care products to their fullest potential. Once a week, you should use Smooth Face Polish Face Peeling Gel to remove dead skin and other damage while nourishing your skin with essential oils.

3) Apply Moisturizer to Your Skin Daily!

Controlling sebum production and maintaining proper hydration are equally crucial. Do not be misled by the idea of adding oil to oily skin; Babil Face Oil, which is enhanced with a blend of natural oils, offers a moisture support that will penetrate deeply and retain moisture in the skin due to the extract from the balloon plant, which prevents moisture loss.

4) Essential: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential step, just like all other skin care products. We are exposed to blue lights at home while we aren’t outside, which together damage our skin by creating free radicals. Sun Protect Face&Body functions as a barrier against all environmental pollutants by keeping the skin’s hydration while shielding it from sun damage.

5) A Real Smoothness

When your skin needs to be smoother, Perfecting BB Crem is there for you! It reinforces the skin barrier and offers moisture support in addition to complete covering because of the extras like argan, castor, olive, contact root, chlorella, and salicornia in its composition.

Along with all of these beneficial actions, we would like to remind you of the following suggestions:

* Drinking lots of water makes your face glow with health and aids in maintaining control over your sebum production. * Popping pimples with a squeeze encourages the germs to spread and results in more pimples.
* Consuming excessive amounts of fried food, fast food, and packaged goods causes your body to absorb extra saturated fat, which causes acne. Beyond the prescribed standards, we would want to express that it is lovely in every manner and that this is not the time to flee and hide. You have the chance to learn about life and yourself in the process. We have natural cosmetics to help you through this process.