Fiolas, Fiolas

Nomad Collection

Beymen, one of the leading brands of the Turkish luxury retail industry, is preparing to introduce a brand new fragrance experience. The Nomad collection, which emerged as a result of a creative collaboration with Fiolas, which stands out in the world of fragrances with its different and impressive essences, was prepared based on the idea that memories are refreshed with scents. Each fragrance in the Nomad collection, created under the leadership of Fulya Gündoğdu, the founder of Fiolas, bears the name of a very special place it evokes in memories. Candles and diffusers in the collection consisting of Cuba, India, Morocco, Monaco and Egypt fragrances add a completely different atmosphere to living spaces. Since the fragrances produced from completely natural materials do not go through chemical processes, they spread to the environment without losing any of the notes and aromas in their content. The Nomad collection will remind you of the beautiful memories you have had anywhere in the world. Or it will inspire you to set sail on a brand new adventure.


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