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On perfumes and fragrances: Why do we use perfumes?

Smells can differentiate our mental and behavioral states by affecting them. Your scents; It has been proven by researches that they can play an effective role on our happy, calm, attractive, self-confident, sad and many other emotional reactions. According to the results of a survey study, the majority of women in different age groups stated that walking with a perfume scent felt more confident than walking around without perfume. This is because; It is explained through the connection of our sense of smell with the limbic system, where memories and emotions are managed. The emotions that smells make us feel can also evoke different feelings according to our memories and memory records. Not all scents can elicit the same feelings on every individual. At this point, it becomes important how smells connect with your emotional level. Not just individuals; There are also olfactory differences that may arise from cultural differences between nations. For example, in Norway, cleaning products usually smell of pine; In Central Europe, lemon scent is predominantly preferred. As you go further south, the scent of freshness leaves its place to lavender as a third scent. Studies show that women have a better sense of smell than men. In ancient times, perfume was used not only to smell pleasant but also as a product applied to hide body odors.

In the past, when the inner city odors in the cities reached unbearable dimensions, perfumes were used on handkerchiefs carried in the pocket, and these perfumed handkerchiefs were smelled when in a foul-smelling environment. Perfume should not be applied directly to the hair due to the alcohol it contains; After using a moisturizer, it should be applied to the “pulse” areas such as the neck or wrists. The moistened skin surface helps the scent stay on the skin longer. Structure of perfumes: Top note, heart note and base note Perfumes have a structure created by complex combinations of top notes, heart notes and base notes. While the top notes consist of mixtures where the scent is first revealed and disappears quickly; base notes include long and lasting fragrances. Therefore, our short trials during perfume selection cannot give us enough ideas to experience the real effect of the perfume. In addition, rubbing the perfume on the wrists during the trials can distort the actual smell of the perfume by mixing the perfume with our own body oils. perfumes; It is among the best-selling products of luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Gucci, Chloé and Burberry, which steer the fashion industry, after eyeglasses and bags.