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Reviving Memory in Environment

The whole world has now understood the place and importance of scent. Everyone has entered the race to create their own scents in their homes, offices, stores, hotels, etc. in many areas.

Alright; From where? Because smell is one of the most important tools that you can engrave in the memories. You can advertise anywhere, you will be popular for a few months. Advertising music can be caused by trends, sometimes until someone new comes to mind. But your scent. Once it is engraved in the memory, wherever you smell that smell, you will go to the same place. Your brain offers you a direct match; it’s right there in your memories.

When someone comes, they see things unique to you in your life in the house, but of course, an unforgettable smell mixed with the soul of your home! You complete all the considered details with your approach to a most basic sense. Each room has a different ambiance and design. It is necessary not to disturb the harmony by using different scents for each of them.

What do you think we should do in office environments in collective work areas? Fragrance of course! That’s why ambient scenting devices exist. Supporting work areas with fresh and relaxing scents is the most important phenomenon that increases the productivity of its employees. The employee should be happy so that the employer wins. One of the cornerstones of this is that it feels safe and fresh at all times. Complementing this environment and increasing its efficiency is the ambient scenting.

This is why all chain companies should try to create their own signature scents. Just to make their own names clear in the memories. It is to increase the enjoyment of the time spent in the environment.

The importance of odor is greater in the stores and food sector. Because; There are still studies that show that some scents lead to sales more quickly. By creating its own scent, this sector welcomes its customers at the door with its scent, while it takes a place in your memory with less of the same scent inside, it smells you thoroughly; so the next time you go, that smell will be identified with that shop. Bingo when you smell that anywhere! That shop comes to mind directly. That’s called marketing.

Alright; what we pay attention to when creating ambient scents and signature scents in this market.

First of all, we go to the place where the smell will be created with our fragrance expert and architect. Our teammates carry out market research in their work and business area. We extract the identity of the shop and the age ranges it appeals to. Fragrances that can be identified with the desired are revealed by the expert. While our architect scans the area and chooses the most suitable area of the machine, he informs our appraiser according to the design of the space.

Yes! When all the ingredients are collected, the signature scent is crafted. Congratulations, now give a scent that is your identity that will carry your work to a different status and increase your momentum.