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Rose Harvest Month Has Started!

Rose Harvest Month Has Started! The month of rose harvest has started and the first city that comes to mind when we think of roses is Isparta. The history of rose-making in Isparta dates back to ancient times, it started with Gülcü İsmail Efendi, who lived between 1840-1915. Isparta, the city where rose cultivation and industry is the most developed in Turkey, meets approximately 65 percent of the world’s rose oil production. There are large rose gardens on the right and left on the Gölcük Road of Yakıören village, 5 kilometers from Sparta. In addition, there are large rose gardens in the town of İslamköy in Atabey district, Kılıç and Senir in Keçiborlu district and Güneykent town in Gönen. There are many domestic and foreign rose processing factories in Isparta. The rose harvest lasts from the 15th of May to the end of June. During this time, roses are collected from 5 am to 10 am. If you come to Isparta, you can accompany the rose pickers, inhale the beautiful scent of roses, and find a chance to buy roses from these gardens. IT IS USEFUL FOR HEALTH Rose petals collected from rose gardens are packed in sacks and taken to rose oil factories.

It is processed in factories and used in the cosmetics, food, cleaning and tourism sectors. Roses and rose harvesting are so common that in the past, girls born between 5 and 10 in the morning were given the name Gülderen, which means “gatherer of roses”. Since the collected rose petals were taken out of sacks at the factories in the afternoon and laid on a floor, those born in the afternoon were called Gülseren, and those born in the evening were called Gülay. When you go to this city, which is identified with roses, the people of Isparta offer a deliciously scented rose cologne or rose water instead of lemon cologne. Rose oil and all kinds of rose products produced in Isparta are exported to various parts of the world as well as being consumed in the domestic market. You can buy rose products in every season.

On Mimar Sinan Street in the city center, there are many options in the sales shops of companies that produce roses and rose products. It is known that rose is also beneficial and supportive in terms of health. You can find some of these benefits below. It gives strength by opening the blockages in the lungs and facilitates breathing more easily. It relaxes the body by facilitating the removal of bile, on the other hand, it removes phlegm from all regions from the lungs to the chest. Strengthens memory, Decorate your bedroom with roses to strengthen memory. Put roses in every corner of your home, but put more roses in the bedroom. The scent of roses during sleep ensures that information is recorded more strongly during the day. With its rose scent, it also changes the smell of your skin and prevents unwanted odors. If you want to feel the rose scent deeply through 100% organic essences, you may want to try Opera candle and diffuser.