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Signature Collection – The Aegean

Limited Edition – The Aegean isa journey to the Aegean with sun-filled sensations inspired by the shallowturquoise and mesmerizing sea…


FIOLAS celebrates the Summer of 2022 with a very special collection at home! The Signature Collection The Aegean candles and diffusers, works of glassblowing art with the unique know-how of expert artisans, envelop your space in a harmony of aromatic notes using natural ingredients, essential oils and reed sticks to bring a long-lasting unforgettable signature scent to your living space.


As the dazzling sun skillfully climbs into the clearest blue sky, a heady scent of sea salt wafts along the Aegean coastline, like a painting captured by smell. Presented in a Murano glass jar, these candles and diffusers bring all the aromas of the Aegean into your home; the mottled effect is illuminated by the light of a flame, so that you can watch the unique patterns created while being enchanted…

The Aegean candles and diffusers consist of large opaline bottles in which colors from Bodrum to the Aegean, from blue to orange, elegantly adorn the glass. This
jewel-like candles and diffusers make the fragrance presentation a precious and sophisticated visual experience.
Hand-blown by our glass craftsmen, limited edition candles and diffusers enchant your interiors as a stylish decorative object emitting Aegean and Mediterranean notes.


The raw materials for the unique candles and diffusers, which are handmade so that no two are alike, are carefully selected for their superior quality and environmental credentials. To ensure a homogeneous burn and exceptional quality, our candles are prepared in multiple pouring stages over a period of days.


Our limited edition candles are produced in our workshops in Turkey by craftsmen with rare know-how.


Poseidon (Blue)

Inspired by the majesty of Poseidon, god of the seas, this perfume composition combines the woody heart of Bodrum forests with a fresh, aromatic accord and aquatic notes of the Aegean Sea.


The deep blue tones and peaceful scent of the Aegean meet the warm and soft notes of saffron, cardamom and vanilla seeds, as well as the elegance of pink rose and jasmine flowers, and finish with the woody and provocative scent of sandal and cedar.


Aphrodite (Orange)

Like the goddess Aphrodite, it attracts all the attention and is memorable for its striking scent with all other fragrance profiles, from delicate flowers to earthy musks.


The fragrances of orange, bergamot, peach, apple, rose and lily are combined with the dynamic notes of Bodrum’s unique mandarin, making you feel like you are on the shores of Bodrum as soon as you smell it.


Medea (Mixed)

Inspired by the complex emotions of Medea, one of the most influential goddesses of the ancient world, this mixed-color range opens with notes of amber, musk and sandalwood that evoke the passion of Medea, albeit with a delicate floral finish.


This unique fragrance of Medea, also known as the Goddess of the Earth and Moon, brings the memorable and distinctive character of The Aegean Series to your environments.


Aegeus (Brown)

Commemorating the love and purity of Aegeus, the father of Theseus, the king of Athens, who threw himself into the sea thinking he had been defeated because he did not hoist a white sail despite his son’s victory and gave his name to the Aegean Sea, this series radiates pure love with soft powdery scents, jasmine and freesia.


The majesty and elegance of the king comes together with the sweet scent of vanilla and praline and the anchoring, earthy scent of sandalwood to bring this legendary family love of the Aegean Sea into your home.