Signature Elements of Your Style

Our body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected as a single entity. Everything, from the words you use to convey yourself to the clothes you wear and the expressions on your face that show your way of life… At the intersection of our freedom and the physical world, the lady inside of you is your best mentor.

While La Belle Epoque continues to inspire people today, it also serves as a reminder of how unique each day is and that each deserves the same level of care.

We are equally as thrilled to present to you our new shawl and bag designs, which will go perfectly with the distinctive La Belle Epoque pieces you adore and serve as the centerpiece of your personal style.

Wool’s Gentle Touch on Your Skin

The collection of scarfs is combined with Fiolas’ brilliant hues, which breathe and give life to the warmth’s comfort.

Brigitte, a unique piece that will go with your romantic and feminine aesthetic, where blue and brown serve as the primary colors and flowery and ironic motifs are combined with pleasantly mellow undertones.

Madeleine, it reminds me of an image that combines geometric fractal patterns with color harmony. With its form being diversified by its sub-colors on blue and brown, this scarf is a must-have for your style and adds a fashionable edge to your macho look.

Audrey; from the balance of opposing colors, it arose like a phoenix. A special item that will be your companion for many years as the centerpiece of straightforward and understated expressions.

Definitely Not Just An Accessory

The most fashionable Fiolas designs combine with an inviting and practical form to create a distinctive element of your personal style.

The secret to your self-assured posture is Liv Clutch, which features the refined texture of sustainable silk fabric alongside the colors red, yellow, green, and navy blue. With its beauty, Liv Clutch is essential for your most fashionable memories, day or night.

The Eva Bag is made to carry everything you need with you. It is made of sustainable soprarizzo velvet fabric with a velvety exterior surface and embellished with a pattern of flower petals.

To Begin the Day

Combine the lilac color of the Nador Team with the flowery color of the Eva Bag if you have a brunch plan, which is essential for the tables where you celebrate life with your loved ones, and you will both feel comfortable and elegant.  

As New Year’s Eve Approaches

While the burgundy pants from the Zoe Suit and the Renata Bustier accompany you on your most dazzling night, the burgundy color of the Zoe Jacket will make your determined posture stand out. Prepare to steal the show as you complete your ensemble with Liv Clucth navy blue!

An Exhibition Opening You’ve waited a Very Long Time.

Your noble stance will be highlighted as it flows over the shoulders of your jacket as it matches Brigitte’s brown-colored jacket and your Flores pants. Eva Bags come in orange if you want to underline your certain demeanor.

The Exhilarating Joy of a New Meeting

Are you prepared to briefly describe yourself? The burgundy color of the Zoe Slip Dress will transport you into its amazing environment while revealing a lot about your independent and assertive attitude. In any combination that features the yellow color of Liv Clutch, you will always find the self-assurance you seek.