Special Summertime Skincare Offers

We get a peaceful feeling just from hearing the word summer. Sea salt-curled hair, tanned skin, light, thin clothes, summer tables, and fresh recollections… Let’s look at what we can eat to maximize the advantages and reduce the risks while soaking up the sun.


  1. Drink lots and lots of water!

Consider how much water there is in your body—we know that it makes up about 3/4 of it. Our skin ages and our hair loses life when we don’t drink enough water, just like a plant that dries up. Consider the damage that this thirst can cause to our inside organs. The most crucial initial step of regular skin care is to drink more water, especially during the summer when the air is hotter and more humid.


  1. Skin that is clear

The first vital step in caring for our skin is to use a cleanser that doesn’t wear out our skin, just like we do while cleaning our houses. The Aromatherapy Happy Mood Face Cleanser purifies and balances the excess sebum on the skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, and helps to prevent the development of skin spots and wrinkles. This helps to prepare your skin for your care products.


  1. The moisture-drenched skin’s brightness

Particularly beyond the age of 25, our body, whose natural content drops, needs some assistance from us in order to appear healthy and alive. Consequently, the skin starts to contract like a parched leaf since it is unable to absorb this moisture support. Our likelihood of developing fine wrinkles on our youthful-looking skin likewise diminishes with the proper moisture support. Your specific needs will be met by Fiolas Serums, which were created with the amazing ingredients glutathione, astragalus, and resveratrol to help protect and revitalize your skin.


  1. The secret of a flawless skin

Do you agree that one of the most crucial steps to allowing your skin to breathe is a thorough peel? You can hydrate your skin, boost collagen synthesis, and delay premature aging by exfoliating frequently to remove dead skin cells and unclog clogged pores. Have you looked over the masks Fiolas has to offer based on your various needs? Aromatherapy Hydrating Face Mask stimulates the growth of new cells while giving your skin the moisture and repair it needs. Aromatherapy Detox Mask gives your skin a vibrant, brilliant appearance while adhering to toxins on your face and eliminating them. Smooth Face Polish Face Peeling Gel supports the maintenance of your skin tone.


  1. Beneficial in, pests out

Sunscreens, which when not used cause early aging and absorb dangerous UV rays, and for which, if the wrong product is chosen, we pay with our health. We have thoroughly discussed the harm solar products do to the environment and to our health in earlier posts. The dangerous UVA and UVB radiation should not even come close to our skin. Our main source of energy for storing vitamin D, preventing osteoporosis and early aging, and boosting our immune systems, however, comes from the sun. In accordance with our holistic beauty philosophies, we develop Fiolas Solar Products so that you and your loved ones can use them safely.


  1. We need Fiolas Lip Balm for our lips!

Our lips have very little melanin, a natural pigment that shields them from ultraviolet light. Without melanin, the sun quickly dries out our lips, causing them to almost burn. It creates “solar keratosis” lesions, particularly on the lower lip. Products like Fiolas Lip Balm, which provide our lips with the moisture they require and aid in protecting them, are among the things you’ll never want to leave home without.


  1. I’d love to show you your skin after using Perfecting BB Cream!

To allow our skin to breathe, we cut back on our makeup usage, especially in the summer. Perfecting BB Cream hydrates with SPF 15 factor and reinforces the skin barrier for a smooth, even skin tone and a vibrant skin appearance. It also offers protection against the sun’s damaging rays. As members of the Fiolas Family, who feel that we may improve our appearance by safeguarding our health, it is crucial for us to utilize goods that do not harm the environment. All you have to do is enjoy the summer when you have a summer care kit filled with Fiolas products. This year, it’s time to enjoy the late summer.