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Specialization of Healing

Hello, what is this ‘phytotherapy’? It can also be called herbal medicine. It is used to stimulate the body’s normal functions, accelerate healing and strengthen it. It has been recognized as the most effective alternative medicine method in Europe.

However, our country has reserves to produce 100% domestic organic herbal products and market them to the world. Anatolia is the gene center of many masser plants. The number of seed plant species growing in our country is around 120,000. This is also not found in neighboring and European countries.

Phytotherapy is to create various herbal medicines by using various parts of medicinal and aromatic plants, algae, fungi and lichens, extracts such as gum and resin secreted by plants, as raw materials for essential oils, waxes and fixed oils, to prevent diseases, cure diseases or for treatment purposes.

Phytotherapy can be trained with a certificate from many universities. Training days are moved to the later part of the week for those who work or study on weekdays. Generally; It is generally maintained for four weeks, Saturday-Sunday. Twelve hours of training per week. This is the case when you can get this certified training.

The term was first used by the French physician Henri Lenclere in the medical journal La Presce Medical. Today, it is handled in the pharmacognosy branch of pharmacy.

Well, in which diseases phytotherapy is applied mainly;

  • Asthma
  • nervous diseases
  • Allergies and skin diseases
  • overweight
  • gynecological diseases
  • Migraine
  • Stomach, intestinal diseases
  • Thyroid gland diseases
  • after chemotherapy
  • Kidney and urinary tract
  • respiratory tract
  • Diabetes
  • rheumatism

These are the diseases applied during the net treatment period. It is based on herbal and herbal medicine treatment with the prescription written by specialist physicians. In these treatments, the quality of the water is important in the preparation of herbal teas. Countries like Japan and China practice it with a sacred ceremony. In order to increase the quality and effect of the tea, it should be made with the methods specified especially.

The treatment process varies according to the patient and the disease. He should continue the treatment period with the patience and unity that can be done in such long cases. The treatment methods determined by the specialist are as follows;

  • Tea, capsules, tinctures, tablets, herbs or creams or lotions.

In particular, the use of herbal medicines that will be recommended should be provided with the union. The developments and reactions occurring in the patient should be noted and the physician should be informed. The recommendations of a specialist physician should be consulted and applied.

The reasons for choosing herbal and alternative medicine for each individual are now clear.

  • The abundance of toxins accumulating in the body to protect people’s own health
  • Dissatisfaction and lack of results
  • reduce side effects
  • It is to improve the quality of life.

These are the main reasons. Age is not important during treatment. No. There is no harm in any natural plant. During the period prescribed by the physician. It is considered to be very suitable, safe and effective for infants and pediatric patients and general health. Herbs can alleviate symptoms and strengthen development as the immune system matures. This way, a small child can benefit my health in the long run. It may even contribute to the developing body system.

In our culture, we know that herbal medicines were used in civilizations such as Sumer, Assyria and Akat in the Mesopotamian region. When we come to the Islamic world, we can see Ibn Sina and Al Gafini.

During this treatment, specialist physicians should write; The prescription and its pharmacist should prepare it. All prescriptions should not be taken from the transfer. Because there are different types of chamomile plant known colloquially. Not every chamomile is a medicinal chamomile. The Matricaria Recutita plant of the plants called chamomile among the people is medicinal chamomile.

As a result; It is necessary for our community and individual health to expand the place of phytotherapy in our lives and in our country.

Stay healthy.