Taking a Step Toward Yourself

The number one wish we all have for ourselves and the people we love is always good health. And being healthy now implies more than just being healthy.

Our ability to overcome illnesses and other adversity, as well as our self-awareness and adaptability in avoiding unhealthy environments, behaviors, thoughts, meals, and products, are all indicators of how healthy we are and will be.

How about slowing down a little and taking the next step to be ourselves in this age where everything is moving at top speed?

Health Alternatives

To embrace and complete us from the inside, Holistic Beauty is important to us Fiolas. Nothing that your grandma doesn’t already know was used to create our entire product line, which includes anything from clothing to candles, from cosmetics to home scent items.

Following the tenet of “using and devouring the content,” we make sure to provide solid choices without endangering them. To improve our quality of life and assist you in making healthy decisions throughout your life, we’d like to talk about several habits.

Stress: Learn How to Control

We cordially invite you to a time capsule where you can observe our ancestors’ lives. To the region of primal emotions, which we will see when we look in the mirror. The human brain wasn’t thus developed until much later. They turned stress into advantages for survival during this time when they focused their lives on providing for their basic requirements. The increasing pulse and increased blood flow that occur when the adrenal glands respond to an attack by secreting a cortisone alert alarm the body and essentially block all other operating mechanisms. Before an animal can show that it can shake off all the trauma, it stores all the stress in its body after this terrifying danger has passed. By passing them along from generation to generation, it transforms these experiences into a chronic stress over time. We are still mired in the cycle of these stress-relieving behaviors in this new era of prosperity. Changes need to be made now!

Regardless of the Time

Numerous research demonstrate how meditation aids in stress reduction, long-term mentality transformation, and self-awareness. As soon as we wake up, throughout the day when you need it most, or just before we go to bed. You will be able to fully take charge of your life with the help of the five minutes you will set aside for yourself. (A meditation technique will be added for you at the end of the article.)

Write and Let the Words Flow
Obtain a notebook, and begin to jot down any thoughts that come to mind, confident that no one will read them. All of your resentment, unfulfilled dreams, countless love tales, and work-related issues… Writing will aid in their completion of your incomplete tasks, have the effect of coming directly from you, and allow you to observe what is on your mind while you write.

Absent Bonds

We miss the mutually beneficial relationships we have developed and are genuinely committed to. No matter your life circumstances, recent research from Harvard University demonstrates that people have a strong need for fulfilling connections.

Candles Playing the Lead Part

Leaving ourselves to the eternity of the moment with the essences it contains as the scent and sense of security emanating from burning a candle spreads… Candles gleefully welcome fresh starts. Candles, which we associate with joyful and lovely occasions, can help us optimize the effects of our routines while developing healthy habits. We are confident that it will be beneficial for you to sit in meditation while lighting your favorite candle, to lose yourself in the world of writing while feeling the calmness of the kindling on Fiolas candles, and to surrender to the flow of transformation while sensing yourself in your safest place while sensing the candles you will place on the table while setting a lovely table for your dear friends.

Zazen (Zen) Meditation

Let the Fiolas Candle Family purge the negative energy from their surroundings. It will significantly influence how well-prepared you are for a five-minute alone time. Divide any period of time into five equal halves; we started with five minutes. Set alarms to go off at the end of each minute while seated cross-legged on your phone. The most critical element of our practice is not reacting to any movement requests made by your body.

We inhale through our noses for the first minute, counting backwards from 1 with each exhalation. Here, we’ll focus on the idea that our body is the sole thing on which we are fixated. You must go back to the beginning and restart the counting procedure from 1 since any idea will divert your focus, or when your attention is grabbed by a movement originating from the body.

Placing the numbers this time before you take a breath will help you get used to solely concentrating on observing how the breath affects your lungs when the 2nd minute alert changeover occurs. The breath should be used to inflate like a balloon, then deflate, then repeat.

Stop counting when we reach to step 3 and concentrate just on your nostrils.

How the breath enters and exits from there determines the most significant aspects of our lives. Come back to observing your breathing while you are meditating and are not used to doing so.

It’s the fourth minute now. Now picture yourself sitting by a river while each boat that passes by is a thought. Living that idea entails boarding the boat and relocating. When you understand this, return to your original seat and carry on viewing.
We have completed our meditation. Now, allow your mind to demonstrate how it functions. Do not hinder it. Simply observe as a friend. What does it reveal to you, when does a thinking alter, and how does your body respond to an idea?  Just have an open mind and observe.