Fiolas, Fiolas

The birth of Fiolas, the brand of magical scents that become inseparable parts of our homes

Fulya Gündoğdu, the creator of the brand, who has been doing different researches for 4 years since she decided to establish Fiolas on her passion for fragrance, turned this passion she had been chasing since her childhood into reality as “organic-based home cosmetics”! As a mother of 2 children, Fulya Gündoğdu brought the Portuguese paper towel brand Renova, which is now sold in Makro and Migros Markets, to Turkey in 2014 and achieved solid success in the field of import. This year, he established Fiolas by integrating a much more special dream into his success in business life. The purest notes of nature and music, on which it is based as a source of inspiration, immediately make the Fiolas brand unique in the industry. Every fragrance under the Fiolas brand is carefully researched and experts are consulted. The formation of a scent by Fiolas goes through a few magical steps. First of all, allergen-free organic essence raw materials are carefully selected from France and Spain, the purchasing centers of the world’s fragrance giants. It is processed to be processed with 100% natural alcohol. In the last step, it is presented to our valued customers by being packaged with eco-friendly, that is, environmentally friendly materials in handmade glass packages. If you wish, you can attach a Fiolas product that you have chosen as the signature scent of your home to every corner of your home and give your family a smell of peace. If you wish, you can sprinkle different notes in each room and refresh your energy constantly! Apart from home decoration, Fiolas provides professional scenting services for different sectors such as offices, shops, hotels and restaurants with its well-equipped infrastructure. In the most special nights, star celebrations, at that moment when dreams meet reality, Fiolas scents are the wand that creates the magical ambiance! Fulya Gündoğdu is almost an explorer in discovering the fine details that cause aromas, notes, beautiful smiles and emotions… Being selfless and working hard for a perfect Fiolas scent are the 2 most important golden rules! After this step, each product is individually labeled and packaged in the Fiolas brand, which gives importance to more active women’s employment with its strong and creative team. Our hardworking housewives also have a voice; A scented candle from the Fiolas family, which is a combination of support, solidarity and love, and jazz, the purest, most emotional and most impressive form of music, is a kind of taking on a whole story! And adding your own stories, of course… Hope to meet our fragrances in your most beautiful stories!