The Past Can Inspire the Present for Vintage Lovers

To make you feel special, we combine the most rare scents with exquisite glass craftsmanship in our Signature collection, and we are inspired by their stories.

To be inspired is to create; to be able to interpret the new, sometimes from the past and always from life, is to contribute parts of oneself. All of the components are a part of the production process. The relationship we have built with the earth element provides us the strength to translate the information from the concrete world into the abstract, and the relationship we have built with the water element determines the shape of the new that we will create by interacting with the air element’s fluidity and the wisdom of our deepest essence. The process’s finishing touch then appears. Having the fiery energy and fortitude to trust in yourself and your dreams can help you achieve them.

With the intention of igniting the fire element within you and involving you in the transformation of our lives, the Vintage Lovers Collection was created.

The Strength of Our Union is one Another

Similar to all the Fiolas Women, France and the women throughout the world who were inspired by it in the Belle Époque era started to achieve personal achievement and develop distinct identities.

Here is Vintage Lovers, a part of our ever-evolving Signature Collection that was inspired by the beautiful women of the Le Belle Epoque era.

We drew inspiration from La Belle Epoque and ancient ornamental arts when designing the Vintage Lovers line. This series, which is sleek and sculptural, is offered in a limited edition of 50 pieces. A dramatic play of light is provided by spectacular and stunning crystal objects, adding grand magnificence to any space. Meet the exceptional series components that go with any style to create a magnificent design!

THE UNITING POWER OF GREEN / Gabriel: De l’Amour et du Mariage, one of three writings by Monod that Swedish author and educator Ellen Key published in French at the start of the 20th century, examines how women’s power extended throughout Europe and the world and how all women are united. It gave us the will to unite.

In the same way that this soft fragrance has rich woody notes, Gabriel’s assertiveness is enhanced by them. The aroma, which begins with herbal and spicy undertones, distinguishes itself with middle notes of tobacco leaf, tobacco flower, and sweet, delightful tonka bean.

AMBER’S CRY FOR INNOVATION / Jane: Jane Misme, a journalist and editor of La Française, was a significant figure at the time. This scent was created in honor of Jane who, as one of the most prominent people in literature, dedicated her life to the pursuit of peace. It combines tobacco’s resinous and equine notes with spicy palo santon’s incense note and is encased in chocolate and earthy cedar wood.

A fantastic combination of cinnamon and saffron is added to the scent’s beginning notes of patchouli and cedar wood, and it ends in a stunning fashion with Palo Santo, incense, tobacco, and chocolate vanilla.

THE MYSTERY OF BLACK AND IGNORANCE / Josephine: Known by the stage names “Black Venus,” “Black Pearl,” “Bronze Venus,” and “The Creole Goddess,” Josephine was one of the most well-known performers to garner attention in Folies Bergère revues in Paris. A short banana skirt and a beaded necklace made up Josephine’s outfit, which she wore throughout her performance and which produced a sensation in the city. She thereafter became a symbol of the time.

While it grabs attention with its woody notes that start with citrus and herbaceous notes, it astounds listeners with its sweet Amber notes that start to come through as you smell it, much like Josephine did on stage.

WE ARE ALL PART OF ONE IN THE WORD OF BLUE / Colette: Colette, a French author and literary icon, made history as a multi-award-winning author. She was elected to the Académie Goncourt (1945 and 1949), Belgian Royal Academy (1935), Chevalier (1920), and Grand Officer (1953) of the Légion d’honneur. She is becoming more widely acknowledged as a significant voice in women’s writing.

Starting out with the powerful aromas of spices, rose, bergamot, and brown sugar, the perfume of iris flowers and honeyed milk softens the cedarwood, and the balsamic notes continue with notes of musk, tonka bean, and cedarwood as they finish, whispering to us about Colette’s indelible accomplishments.

THE EXTENSIVE POWER OF RED REMEMBERING RISE AGAIN / Loie: Loie, an American actress and dancer, created her own methods of improvisation and natural movement. She was a pioneer of both modern dance and dramatic lighting techniques. In numerous performances, she has experimented with wearing a long skirt, organized her movements, and played with with how she reflects light. The Serpentine Dance was conceived in 1891 by Fuller, who blended his choreography with silk garments lit by his own custom rainbow lights.

Opening with the recognizable aroma of Saffron, Loie dances with the primary notes of Vetiver, Patchouli, and Sandalwood and blends them with Jasmine and Leathery Accord before imprinting its lasting scent into the brains with its magnificent Cinnamon scent, much like in the Serpentine Dance.

Discover our limited-edition Vintage Lovers collection, which will assist you in discovering your own power and serve as your partner in making all the changes you desire in your life before the New Year!