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Traditional Disinfectant Cologne

As you know, with this virus case that we have experienced recently, the interest in disinfectants has increased considerably.

The first of these is cologne. One of the reasons for this is our traditions. In a way, it was to disinfect the newcomer in a naive way, such as keeping cologne when guests came and offering cologne when leaving the sinks.

Let’s see what we can find if we travel to the past of the cologne;

The cologne was first made by a monk for the Queen of Hungary. This fragrance caught the attention of Giovanni Paolo and got his recipe. On top of that, today’s cologne was produced in Cologne in 1709, with essences such as lemon and orange blossom added to the recipe.

For the first time in our country, II. It started to be used during the reign of Abdülhamit (1870-1909). In our country, Ahmet Faruki started its production in 1882. Rosemary, lemon, orange flower and bergamot were among the main uses. In Turkish society, it was traditionally used.

  1. At the end of the century, it was first found in the stores opened in Istanbul Galata and Pera, Frenk neighborhood in Izmir and other major city ports. Among the foreign cosmetic products coming from abroad, the most popular product in our country has been cologne. With the expansion of the railways, it was cologne that attracted women in cosmetic products, which became widespread in the interior, and took a big place in the homes.

In Europe, the cologne, which represents the purity and simplicity used by the bourgeoisie instead of heavy perfumes, has taken its place.

The most famous colognes of our country are; Trabzon’s hazelnut cologne, Rize’s tea cologne, Ayvalık’s olive flower cologne, Düzce’s tobacco cologne.

Besides these, cologne has also been used for medicinal purposes; It has been consumed especially for digestive system ailments, by dripping into sugar and adding to wine.

As women, we want to offer our guests the cosmetic products we use in our homes and ourselves, and welcome them with pleasant scents when they come from outside. Guess what is the best product for this? Of course cologne!

If you ask what kind of product we should choose while the increase in colognes has been achieved with the virus case in our country and in the world, I can recommend the products of my brand Fiolas with great pleasure.

What would you say is the difference between Fiolas’ products? Not to mention that it is an 80˚ cologne and moisturizes it with the resin fruit extract it contains. In addition, 40% discount was made, including the Opera Family cologne, throughout March, regardless of interest, so what else.

Remember, after washing our hands, we keep our traditions alive and spill our cologne.

Healthy days..