What is Holistic Beauty?

In a world where consumption habits are changing with the ever-increasing population, nature is being damaged more and more every day and creates big problems that we will face in the future. The production and use of products used in the cosmetics industry in particular cause the greatest harm to nature.

Since we know that personal care will always be in our lives, it should be applied in a way that does not harm the nature.

As Fiolas, we set out with the idea of creating personal care products compatible with the organic structure of human beings;

We offer our holistic beauty products to care enthusiasts, saying ‘We do not put anything on our skin that we do not eat’ .

Holistik: Bir şeyin birinin sadece bir parçasıyla değil, tamamıyla ilgilenmek veya onu tedavi etmek anlamına gelir (Cambridge Sözlüğü)

Beauty : At Fiolas, we define beauty not with certain standards, but with the general health of the body (including our skin, of course!), mind and spirit.

Essentially, “Holistic Beauty” is an all-encompassing approach to healthy body, mind and spirit, resulting in healthier glowing skin as a result.

This definition will explain why beauty is more than skin depth.

There are many quick fixes available to make your skin look instantly radiant and radiant, but the effects are only temporary.

We are not against it, but we want to offer a deeper meaning to achieve glowing skin and strongly advocate a holistic approach to beauty.