Fiolas, Fiolas


From smoothing facial features to firming your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, Resveratrol Serum is carefully crafted to promote a visibly youthful appearance.

Triple effect on the skin

1. Humidity bomb

It coats your dry skin with a layer of easily absorbed moisture to soothe and soothe stressed skin that’s almost cracked by dehydration. It carries the moisture in the lower layers of the skin to the upper surface. It helps to maintain the balance of serum water ratio that penetrates the skin effectively.

2. Anti-Aging Effect

The structure of FIOLAS Resveratrol Serum is formed from Resveratrol obtained from the extracts of fresh grape skin and seeds. Resveratrol has an antioxidant substance found in black grape seeds and skin, especially in black grapes grown under stress, and this antioxidant is a type that is extremely necessary for our skin.

It revitalizes the pale skin surface caused by stress, just like grapes. It is effective in anti-aging care. Dermatological studies show that the upper layer of the skin renews itself every 28 days. With the effect of aging, the 28-day skin renewal period can be up to 35 days, that is, the skin may begin to renew itself later. FIOLAS Resveratrol Serum supports the skin to renew itself much faster thanks to its herbal structure and the Hyarulonic Acid, Collagen and Vitamin E it contains.

3. Baby Collagen Effect

It helps to create antioxidant and moisture needed by the skin surface. When used at night, it helps you feel the effect of baby collagen. While you sleep, Resveratrol serum provides complete care for your skin.

The table below shows the difference in the aging process between 1-year-old baby skin and adult humans.

As we age, some minerals and amino acids begin to decrease on the surface of the skin.

Resveratrol provides anti-aging care by supporting the proliferation of these decreasing minerals and amino acids.