Why are coral reefs so important?

When it comes to the word ‘chemical’, we now know the damage it causes. Unfortunately, in addition to disrupting our hormone balance, it also causes many cancers. Most researchers argue that using chemical products is not much different from applying oil directly to our skin. When we started our article on chemical sunscreens, we talked about the 2 main harms to human health and oceans. We have examined the harms on human health in detail. Now let’s talk about the issue that we think does not affect us directly and actually make the biggest mistake: The great damage to the oceans caused by chemical preservatives!

Coral reefs are superpowers. Why is it so important?

We know how important bees are for the ecosystem. When the last bee on Earth dies, it means the end of humans. So are the coral reefs! Coral reefs are a super organism, containing 25% of the biodiversity of the oceans. When our coral reefs start to die, many species face extinction. Unfortunately, 80% of the coral reefs in the Caribbean disappeared before 2000. Coral reefs also provide protection against major climate events. Protects the coastline from storm erosion. So losing coral reefs means losing coastlines!

What does the big picture tell us when it comes to climate and oceans?

Choosing harmless ingredients for our health and starting a holistic and holistic life is the most important action we can take individually. But large-scale changes are needed to protect the reefs.
“Towards the Sea”

While we find it hard to believe that the word sewer means towards the sea, it helps explain the root of many problems. Everything purchased as personal care products and all food waste goes directly into the sewers, into the oceans. It affects not only the visible coastal areas but also the deep oceans. Piles of garbage in the middle of the ocean are broken down into smaller pieces and become food for fish, corals and whales.
Into a poisoning bait! Plastics with Oxybenzone or cosmetics containing Oxybenzone pose a danger to all living things when ingested. It makes them sick and then kills them.

Sunscreen Ban Pioneers: Hawaii

The Hawaii ban only prohibits the sale of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. Although the number of people consuming it has decreased with the ban, the fact that tourists bring it with them causes the pollution to continue. It is really important to send this message to tourists from all over the world. In addition to banning chemicals that cannot be proven safe, there are many actions that countries can take to prevent their production. Incentivize local companies through tax incentives, tax deferrals or innovation grants, and encourage locals to reconsider their consumption choices
needed. Surveys show that consumers are choosing sustainable clean products, even if they are not at the same price point (unfortunately, it is a much more expensive process to produce products with natural clean ingredients). The most important step is to encourage companies to offer more products to consumers who are ready to choose sustainable products. With pure and harmless ingredients, a low carbon footprint and sustainable packaging, Fiolas products have your health and the health of the planet in mind. Believing that the effect will have a reaction, we wanted to take part in the lives of every person we touch with health. With Sun Protect Face & Body SPF 50 (Mineral Sun Protection Cream), enjoy the summer and the sun with peace of mind without harming our planet!