With A Strong Barrier In Our Skin

As we bid farewell to a summer where we save new memories, enjoy the sea and the sun, and rest, do you believe our skin is prepared for city life?

We have put together a list of recommendations for you so that you can avoid solar damage and experience the effects of air pollution in cities as little as possible. Have you ever observed that when you go on vacation or to an area with lots of oxygen, you wake up earlier and your hair gets greasy more gradually? Unfortunately, air pollution is the most harmful component to our skin, even if we can eventually notice its affects on it. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution affects more than 70% of people worldwide today. We no longer frequently breathe pure air due to fuel usage, smoking, dirty water vapors from chemical combinations, and industrialization.

Intentional Skin Damage

While the impacts of UV radiation are noticeable considerably sooner, the effects of air pollution are long-lasting and irreversible. Yet how?

Free radicals are molecules that become unstable when an electron is lost in the skin and start to circulate within themselves. The main contributor to the creation of these dangerous chemicals is thought to be air pollution. Our largest organ is absorbed by our skin like a sponge 24 hours a day. Our skin, which cannot fully fulfill its oxygen needs, is becoming more prone to matte look, acne and blackhead production, redness, fine lines that appear early in life, and the already present, gradually deepening lines.

News is Good!

It is feasible to have skin that hasn’t been subjected to all the harm we discussed with the proper skin care! The way is by safeguarding it. Let’s look more closely at the skin-care advice for glowing, healthy skin in urban settings.

1) There is No Place for Radicals

Imagine that each time we eat fast food or packaged food, we are consuming an equivalent number of free radicals to the amount of the food. Antioxidants twice that magnitude are required by our body. Our diet should be packed with foods that are high in antioxidants as the first step in boosting the savula system.

2) Starve Your Cells to Fill Them

Circadian Intermittent Fasting is the next-generation nutritional support. Your body performs its own cleaning when you go 16 days without eating by consuming the specified dangerous free radicals. The last meal of this 16 hours should, however, be consumed at 17:00 in the evening. Your body is getting ready for the night’s sleep, when it will be mended, as your cortisone level lowers along with your blood sugar level. The only thing we must focus on is going to bed hungry!


If you are unsure whether this diet is right for you, please check with your dietitian.

3) Water, always!

Don’t allow the amount of water you drink diminish when the sun sets! To flush out toxins, never forget to drink plenty of water.

4) Deep Skin Cleaning

The pores that have been blocked as a result of air pollution cannot be cleaned with just water. With a face cleansing that will preserve your skin’s moisture and sebum balance, kick the grime of city life out the door. With grapefruit oil as one of its main ingredients, aromatherapy Happy Mood Face Cleanser purifies your skin of excess sebum. With its antioxidants, lavender oil gives your skin the assistance it needs.

5) Skin That Is Saturated With Moisture

Together, let’s select the best support for your skin condition. As your skin becomes more elastic, Astragalus Extract Anti-Aging promotes the renewal of your damaged cells while simultaneously stretching your skin. It aids in evening out the tone of your skin while reducing the symptoms of free radical damage. It valiantly battles discoloration on neglected skin that has been around for a while. While helping the skin obtain oxygen, it tightens the pores. Use Glutatyon (Glutathione) Extract Anti-Aging to combat harmful environmental factors. It helps to smooth out the contours of your face while tightening your skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Resveratrol Extract Anti-Aging, It gives you skin that is as smooth as baby skin and supports collagen, which helps you against the damaging effects of stress and the environment.

6) Although It Is Not Visible to Us, It Is Always Present

We can observe the effects of the four seasons even if we are not as exposed to the sun’s beams as we are in the summer. Use Sun Protect Face & Body right after your skin care routine when you head to the city. You don’t have to be terrified of city living if you follow the appropriate maintenance procedures. Enjoy life while submerging in Fiolas’ safety!