World Deaf Week

Among the fundamental principles of Fiolas are cooperation, awareness, support, and solidarity. With the knowledge of the significance of the question that every aspect of life is a complimentary whole and how we might leave healthier generations for the future on this route, we set out with a holistic view of beauty. We believe that empathy is the most powerful characteristic of the age in which we live, and we manufacture products that do not hurt the environment or human health. During the World Week of the Deaf, which is observed from September 23 to 29, let’s examine more closely what we can do to create a community that supports one another. According to World Health Organization statistics, 34 million of the 466 million persons with hearing impairments globally are children under the age of 15. Only 10% of people wear hearing aids.

The Value of Early Diagnosis

In addition to being a genetic condition, early detection is crucial for treating hearing loss brought on by long-term ear infections, specific drugs, exposure to loud noises, and/or specific diseases. One of the crucial things to remember in this case is that 60% of hearing problems in infants are preventable with early detection, and it is believed that 5 out of every 10 babies globally have them.

Participants in the Same Life

According to the WHO, providing the proper opportunity, rehabilitation, and education can make life easier for those who have hearing loss. Relationships with other people are one of the main issues faced by anyone with hearing loss.

Issues arise. At this point, the first response to the question of what we can do to assist those who are hearing impaired is to promote education about sign language.

Secondly, as parents, we become more aware of both our own child and the immediate surroundings, enabling us to treat newborns with greater care and awareness from the moment of their birth. We must alter our perspective on this subject and emphasize it in the generation we raise if we want to eradicate the exclusionary discourses that are tolerated in the bullying class, which are regularly observed in society. Supporting others in living the same life without considering ourselves to be privileged and superior during the times when some people experience hardships in life will improve everyone’s lot in life.

For Healthier Future Generations

The holistic perspective broadens the modern approach, which views the human as a machine and concentrates only on the portion when there is a malfunction in the operation of this machine. It contends that every aspect of life is interconnected with every other aspect of it as a whole, and that it is important to attentively observe each person’s lifestyle rather than concentrating only on the point where the problem begins. It claims that if you have tinnitus brought on by stress, one ear drop won’t be enough to cure you, and that those with cardiovascular issues need both social adjustments and medication help. At this level, we regrettably pay with illnesses and environmental issues in our lives for the low cost and long shelf life of all the cosmetic group items we use. As Fiolas, we take special care to ensure that every aspect of nature’s power does not hurt the environment or people’s health. We also think that the changes we make to our way of life now will benefit future generations, and we are proud to be the forerunners of holistic beauty in Turkey.