Your skin is as smooth as you want it to be

Does your face’s appearance when you first wake up in the morning and gaze in the mirror determine how you’ll feel that day? To those who choose the affirmative answer, we’d like to introduce a product that they won’t want to leave out of their makeup bag. Say hello to the perfecting BB Cream; you will adore it!

In the modern era, they have no place!

Indeed, we are discussing foundations. After a few tries, we fell in love with the baby-like aspect of our skin and began using it. Now, when we don’t use it, we feel stuck after being questioned, “Are you sick today?” Therefore, we keep using it every day. Have you ever paid close attention to the substances that are readily absorbed through your skin and remain on your face all day?

Propylene glycol:

Long-term exposure may irritate the eyes, skin, liver, and kidneys.

They retard the development of a male fetus’ sex and cause cancer.

It is directly related to breast cancer. The foundation contains up to 24 dangerous substances. Each component is regarded as having one hazardous burden. Does consuming a product that has 24 hazardous loads each day and is nearly toxic actually make sense?

Immunity is impeded

To fend off all illnesses and grow older, you need a healthy immune system. Despite the fact that we apply it to our skin and then remove it at the end of the day, our skin is the most absorbent sponge, which is unfortunate. If we use foundation every day for a year, that means we’ll eat one tablespoon of it at the end of the year. To conceive in such a concrete manner is extremely startling.

A dead, pale complexion

No, it’s simply time to shine in a more positive manner. People who claim they cannot live without foundation are also heard. We’d like to introduce you to a product that not only makes your skin seem beautiful, but also nourishes it safely. Its ingredients, which include argan, castor, olive, konjac root, chlorella, and salicornia extracts, improve your skin’s barrier while giving your skin the moisture support it need for daily application of cosmetics. Sun protection with SPF 15 included! We, the Fiolas Family, support the idea that we shouldn’t apply any ingredient to our skin that we cannot eat since we think that good health comes from making minor changes to our everyday routines.